Minimal quantity of printed goods:

  • for gusset bags – 30 thousand items,
  • for block bottom bags – 100 thousand items. (with volume up to 1 kg),
  • for shopping bags – 10 thousand items (dependent on the number of colors),
  • Packaging paper – 300 kg.

Order should include:

  • the type of ordered products
  • type of paper used for the manufacturing of the product,
  • dimensions,
  • ordered quantity,
  • a name for the print with coloring
  • graphics for the print (in pdf, cdr format) – the cost of photopolymer matrices is covered by an ordering party.

We process orders for full pallets.

The pallet may contain various types of products.

Personal collection by an ordering party or transport costs covered by an ordering party for smaller quantity orders.

Because of the nature of offered products and characteristics of production process we reserve:

  • margin of quantity precision on the level of +/- 5% of processed order,
  • margin of product dimensions precision:
  • level of +/- 2 mm separately for the width and the gusset and +/- 5mm for the length of bags,
  • level of +/- 5% for the width and the length of sheets,
  • level of +/- 2mm for the width of the rolls,
  • precision margin related to the thickness of the material on the level of +/- 5%.

Promar company reserves a right to apply, generally adopted in the flexography, tolerances in relation to the print, as well for its placement as for its color deviation, which is influenced by a quality and thickness of printing substrate. Minor color deviations are acceptable and shall not constitute grounds for complaints. This also applies to a situation, when a sample of product was delivered as an example. In case of any doubts a Customer is entitled to receive a sample of printed material or personally confirm the print in Promar’s headquarters.

We would like to inform, that up to the moment of receiving a full payment for a VAT invoice, Promar remains an exclusive owner of the goods and holds all rights in regard of products’ disposal.

Projects, photopolymer plates, samples and other materials necessary to perform an agreement, delivered to the Promar company, shall remain a property of a Customer.

Rules for submitting product complaints:

  • Complaints should be reported only and exclusively by e-mail to the relevant merchant or to the address: with the name of the product, a description of the problem and the number and date of the document confirming the purchase of the goods,
  • Any evidence of the problem should be attached to the email, e.g. photos of the faulty goods and photos of the labels from the disputed delivery.
  • The claim period is 3 months from the date of purchase of the goods,
  • In the event of mechanical damage to the packaging, this should be noted on the CMR or WZ documents and the problem reported immediately by e-mail.


  • Keep a sample of the product, it may need to be sent for analysis of the problem during the investigation.
  • In the case of unfounded complaints, the logistical costs are on the customer’s side.
  • By placing an order, you agree to the above rules.