We would like to present our offer of self-opening square bags without carrying handles, which are extremely practical and functional. Their characteristic feature is a rectangular bottom, allowing the bag to stand upright. This design ensures stability and safety for the products stored inside.

We produce self-opening square bags in a basis weight ranging from 50 to 120 gsm (grams per square meter), allowing us to adapt them to the diverse requirements and needs of our customers. Our offer includes many finishing options – the bags can be made of foil-coated paper, art paper, greaseproof paper, or with an additional moisture-resistant barrier, all depending on individual expectations.

The customers can expect up to 8 colours printed using the flexographic method. To ensure the highest quality and precision of colours, we use the Pantone Colour System.

A wide range of sizes are available for our square self-opening bags. We offer both smaller sizes, perfect for minor shopping, and large sizes that can accommodate even large items. In our offer, you will find, among others:

Small sizes:

  • 80×45×220 mm
  • 80×60×230 mm
  • 95×60×280 mm
  • 90×50×280 mm
  • 100×70×270 mm
  • 110×60×270 mm.

Medium sizes:

  • 120×70×200 mm
  • 120×90×360 mm
  • 130×80×250 mm
  • 130×80×320 mm
  • 150×100×320 mm
  • 160×90×230 mm.

Large sizes:

  • 180×110×260 mm
  • 180×110×350 mm
  • 180×110×490 mm
  • 200×80×290 mm
  • 220×110×300 mm.

Very large sizes:

  • 250×140×400 mm
  • 250×140×550 mm
  • 260×170×340 mm
  • 320×150×400 mm
  • 320×220×400 mm.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer. You can count on finding a bag perfectly suited to your needs. Our service and workmanship are of the highest quality.

Applications of the Bags

Packing of loose products such as:

  • SOS bags for breadcrumbs
  • SOS bags for flour
  • SOS bags for groats
  • SOS bags for sugar
  • SOS bags for rice
  • SOS bags for coffee
  • SOS bags for tea
  • SOS bags for sand, grit
  • SOS bags for chips.

Use in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • SOS bags for pharmaceuticals
  • SOS bags for veterinary products.

Use in the gastronomic industry:

  • SOS bags for popcorn
  • SOS bags for takeaway food
  • SOS bags for meat and wet products
  • SOS bags for fruits
  • SOS bags for vegetables
  • SOS bags for sweets
  • SOS bags for shrimps, seafood
  • SOS bags for wine
  • SOS bags for teas
  • SOS bags for rolls, bread.

Other applications:

  • SOS bags for nails and screws
  • SOS bags for dog waste
  • SOS bags for biological waste
  • SOS bags for waste separation
  • SOS bags for packing takeaway food, for packaging
  • SOS bags for seeds
  • SOS bags for coal, briquette
  • SOS bags for flowers.
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