It is with great pleasure that we present our offer of block-bottom bags with an internal handle, which are an eco-friendly alternative to commonly used plastic bags. These bags are made from single-ply kraft paper or recycled paper, making them fully environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our bags feature a rectangular bottom and are available in a basis weight of 70–110 gsm, ensuring their durability and stability. They have a paper handle, glued from the inside of the bag, which is folded multiple times and made from sturdy kraft paper. The handle has an additional paper patch, which increases its strength and makes carrying even heavier shopping easier. These bags have a capacity of 3 to 40 litres, making them extremely practical and versatile.

One of the main advantages of our bags is that they are not subject to environmental tax. This guarantees our customers that by choosing our products, they are choosing a solution in line with the principles of sustainable development.

We also offer the possibility of individual printing up to 8 colours using flexographic printing in the Pantone Colour System, allowing you to create unique bags that will perfectly match the style and character of your company.

Our paper handle bags are available in many standard sizes. Among them, you will find both smaller ones, perfect for packing small items, and larger ones that can accommodate even large purchases. We offer the following sizes to choose from:

Small sizes:

  • 180×85×230 mm
  • 200×100×280 mm
  • 220×110×250 mm
  • 220×110×280 mm
  • 250×110×280 mm.

Medium sizes:

  • 200×140×400 mm
  • 250×140×300 mm
  • 260×170×260 mm
  • 260×170×290 mm
  • 260×140×320 mm
  • 280×170×280 mm.

Large sizes:

  • 320×110×400 mm
  • 320×160×400 mm
  • 320×170×440 mm
  • 320×220×250 mm
  • 320×220×400 mm
  • 350×170×250 mm
  • 350×170×400 mm.

Very large sizes:

  • 450×170×470 mm.

You are invited to familiarise yourself with our offer and select eco-friendly bags. We guarantee the high quality of our products and professional service.

Applications of Self-Opening Square Bags with Internal Carrying Handle

The product finds versatile use, including for:

  • gifts
  • takeaway food packaging
  • for clothing
  • for shoes
  • for supermarkets, shops
  • for fruits
  • for vegetables
  • for confectionery products
  • for online shops
  • for pharmacies
  • for flowers.

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