Gusseted bags are extremely versatile and can be used for packaging various types of bakery products. Here are some of them:

  • Bread: Classic loaves of white and whole grain bread fit perfectly in gusseted bags. These bags provide proper protection for bread and maintain its freshness.
  • Rolls: All types of rolls, from breakfast to hot-dog rolls, can be safely and hygienically stored in gusseted bags.
  • Cakes: Gusseted bags are perfect for packaging cakes, such as cookies, yeast cakes, or doughnuts.
  • Baguettes and French bread: The length of gusseted bags makes them ideal for packaging baguettes and other long breads.
  • Croissants and crescent shaped buns: Thanks to the possibility of closing, gusseted bags are perfect for storing croissants and crescent shaped buns.
  • Baked sweets: Various types of cookies, muffins, brownies, and other baked sweets can be safely and attractively packaged in gusseted bags.
  • Shortcrust pastry products: Gusseted bags are perfect for packaging shortcrust pastry products, such as tarts or shortbread cookies.

Gusseted bags are an excellent solution for baker’s, confectioneries, and grocery shops that want to provide their customers with fresh and appetising products in an attractive and practical package.

Durability and Strength of Material

Our gusseted bags for bakery products combine aesthetics and practicality. We use high-quality white or brown paper, as well as PE-coated paper, for their production. The paper basis weight of 30–60 gsm ensures the bags’ adequate strength while maintaining their lightness and convenience.

Personalisation and Printing

Do you want your bags to stand out from the competition? We offer printing up to 8 colours in the Pantone Colour System, allowing us to create unique, attractive designs that will catch your customers’ attention.

Additional Features

Our gusseted bags are not only aesthetic but also functional. They have a PP window with perforation, which makes them user-friendly and adds charm to any bag. The possibility of closing the bags with a plastic clip guarantees their stability during transport and storage.

Flexibility of Offer

The minimum circulation for printed bags is 30,000 pieces. This allows us to adapt to the needs of every customer, regardless of the size of the order. Pricing is determined individually, considering the specifics of the order.

Packing Options

Gusseted bags for bakery products can be packed in cardboard or foil, ensuring their safe transport and storage.

Bag Sizes

We offer gusseted bags in a wide range of sizes – from a width of 100 to 300 mm and a height from 170 to 670 mm. The standard dimensions of ready-made products are:

  • 180×180 mm
  • 200×200 mm
  • 260×260 mm
  • 280×280 mm.

We invite you to place orders. Our gusseted bags for bakery products guarantee freshness and aesthetics. They are perfect for any baker’s, confectionery, or grocery shop.

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